What Does Home Insurance Have To Do With Bail Bonds? Guest Post: RG Insurance Group

Beyond Hail and Fire Damage. The Importance of Home Insurance You may be asking, why is a bail bondsman posting about insurance? Well we invite you to keep reading this post from our friends at RGInsuranceGroup.com and SpringsInsuranceGroup.com. Owning a home in Colorado brings to mind several reasons for home insurance. From the nasty hail [...]

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Do You Have A Warrant?

Do I Have A Warrant? I often receive telephone calls from individuals who think they may have a warrant for their arrest. This thought may arise from a letter they received from the court system, or from an acquaintance who was arrested and think they may be involved, or they realized that they missed a [...]

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The Difference between Bail and a Bail Bond

Bail is an amount set by the court in order for a defendant to be released from jail with the agreement that the defendant will return to all court proceedings on that particular charge(s). The Bail Bond is simply the bail money posted by a bail bond company to the court to secure a defendant’s [...]

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