Beyond Hail and Fire Damage. The Importance of Home Insurance

You may be asking, why is a bail bondsman posting about insurance? Well we invite you to keep reading this post from our friends at and
Owning a home in Colorado brings to mind several reasons for home insurance. From the nasty hail storms that wreak havoc on your roof and windows, the wind storms that can damage your siding, uproot trees and blow shingles off your roof and worst case the fire season in the summer that is responsible for millions of dollars in damages. RG Insurance Group is your trusted Colorado Insurance agency.
But, are you aware of the other things your home insurance may cover? Your coverage extends well beyond that of natural disasters. The latest Allstate commercial shows just some of the liability that comes with owning a home, when Mayhem slips on the way up to your door while walking dogs.
Homes just like all other aspects of life have risks, and sometimes we don’t even recognize the risks as we maneuver our homes on a daily basis. We walk up and down our stairs, open and close doors, sneak by tight corners and around furniture. All of these activities become a part of our daily life, but the things we don’t recognize as needing to be fixed may quickly become a problem as a neighbor, friend or acquaintance trips over that piece of carpet that is lifting or the brick that is lose on our steps leading to our home.
Many businesses are well aware of the risks associated with daily tasks. That is why you see wet floor signs in a grocery store after they have just mopped up a spill, and reflective tape of certain hazards. However in our own homes we don’t always look or think of those risks.
Your homeowners insurance can serve as a first line defense if someone were to be injured on your property. That is why it is so important to reach out to your agent and determine what your current amount of liability insurance is in your policy and whether or not it is enough. Our Colorado Insurance Agency would be more than happy to help you review your policy and make recommendations on what coverage is needed.
Your liability insurance will not only cover potential bodily injury and property damage, but will also cover defense costs, court-ordered bonds, post judgement interest, reasonable expenses such as travel costs and loss of income to appear in court and first aid expenses.
As this new year kicks off, think beyond the obvious when it comes to home insurance. We all know that our home insurance covers much of the natural disasters brought on by the great state of Colorado, but it will also protect you in case someone gets injured in your home.

Blue Force Bail Bonds Takeaways:

Most of us don’t believe we will ever end up in a jail cell or battling a court case in the course of our lives, but there is always the potential that something may happen out of our control or unexpected that positions us in a place where we may have to fight in a court of law. 
If someone were to get injured in your home or you had to fight to protect your family or property and end up under arrest, your home insurance policy may actually help with the cost of your defense. It is critical that you frequently review your policy with an agent, and what better than a local trusted insurance group with offices in Colorado Springs, Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch.
Don’t hesitate to call RG Insurance Group. They would be happy to provide you with a no hassle, stress free evaluation of your current policy. Give RG Insurance Group a call at 303-779-4200 or visit for service in Highlands Ranch or Castle Rock. Located in Colorado Springs? Call Springs Insurance Group at 719-749-1037 or visit
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