What are Cash Bail Bonds?

Cash Bail Bonds, also termed  “cash-only bonds”, are set by the court. These type of bail bonds require full amount is paid in cash to the court. Blue Force will not write this bond.

What is Bail?

Bail Bonds are required for the defendant to be released from jail.  Most important thing here is that  you can utilize the services of a bail bond company, such as Blue Force .

What are Bail Bonds?

The bail bond is the means by which the bail is posted at the jail.  Blue Force  will  secure their release from jail. 

  • The defendant and/or cosigner who meets with a bail bondsmen from Blue Force will be able to secure this bail bond.
  • The fee to secure this bail bond is between $50 or as high as 15%.

Bail Bonds, A Summary

In a way, a bail bond is similar to a post-dated check.  The court agrees not to cash that check unless the defendant fails to show up for court.

If your bond is $10,000, you can be charged as high $1,500.  Blue Force is very flexible and will work with you  for less than many of our competitors.

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